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MLK Day: Biggest celebrations across US

From Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthplace to the nation's capital, Americans of all backgrounds are honoring the legacy of the slain civil rights leader Monday.

21st, January 2019, 05:19pm

Economic control is domestic abuse, says UK

Methods of economic control, such as restricting a partner's access to bank accounts or employment, will be recognized as a form of domestic abuse in England and Wales, according to a draft bill released by the British government on Monday.

21st, January 2019, 04:34pm

Trump skipping Davos is smart

On Tuesday, the worlds of wealth, privilege and celebrity will converge on Davos, the lush Swiss retreat, where some 3,000 make their annual pilgrimage to congratulate themselves on their accomplishments and paint a vision that, for many, seems increasingly divorced from global reality.

21st, January 2019, 04:15pm
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