Launching in 2012

Bermuda Guernsey Isle of Man Whistler, British Columbia, Canada                    
Cayman Jackson Hole, Wyoming (USA) Brighton / Gatwick (UK) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada    
Bahamas Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)                   Dublin (Ireland) Annapolis, Maryland (USA)
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Can my company put it's brand on the Yabsta platform?

Yes. Yabsta is a white label platform that allows publishers to identify the site with their own branding while informing users the site is also a part of the Yabsta network. See the example below.


What is the Yabsta Network?

The Yabsta Network is a linked association of absolute local search websites that have been built using the proprietary Yabsta platform. The link provides users with quick and easy access to multiple jurisdictions. It enables advertisers to easily and cost-effectively market between jurisdictions and it allows publishers to extend the reach of their advertising base. 


What is the Yabsta Digital Agency?

Yabsta Digital Agency (YabDA) is a full service professional digital marketing agency. We work with publisher licensees and/or directly with advertisers. Our services include: web hosting, website design, development and maintenance, web video production, graphic design for web, SEO and SEM consultation.YabDA’s hosting platform integrates three distinct gigabit network architectures for maximum security, accessibility and control. In addition we use a cloud hosting solution that provides immediate scalability, ease of use and control and broader geographic reach which enables licensees to offer richer content without sacrificing performance. 


Can administrative and graphic work be outsourced to Yabsta Digital Agency?

All of the services mentioned above can be outsourced to YabDA. 


Can data be transferred from my existing platform to the Yabsta platform?

Yes. Ease of transition depends on several factors: the format of your existing data, the completeness of your existing data; and the Yabsta architecture you choose.


What are the set up and operational costs associated with Yabsta?

Yabsta charges licensees a one time set up fee and monthly licensing fees. Costs are determined by the scope of the project. Key variables include the size of the database, the modular options you choose, set up assistance and the initial training required. One of Yabsta’s publisher representatives will be happy to meet with you to determine the scope of the project and provide you with a comprehensive estimate of costs.


Is staff training included in set up costs?

Yes. We provide a comprehensive initial training programme that covers site architecture, data entry and data management. Training can be done on site or remotely.


Is sales training available?

Sales training is available both for publishers of bundled products or single media. Sales training is not included in set up costs and is charged as a separate fee that is based on the publisher’s requirements. If you are interested in sales training, please discuss your objectives with your publisher’s representative who will include details and costs in your estimate.


What ongoing support does Yabsta offer? What are the associated costs?

Our service to licensees continues after your platform is up and running. If you have any questions or concerns  regarding site operation or management, we are just at the end of the phone or an email away. In addition, Yabsta will update and enhance the platform in step with technological advancements. We will notify you of all site upgrades and offer training as needed. 


I would like an estimate. Who do I contact?

Please visit the contacts page of this site and call or email us. One of our publisher representatives will respond quickly and begin the process.  Once your representative has the information they require you can expect an estimate within 5 working days.


What is the build time on a Yabsta site?

Our technical production team is committed to getting our licensees up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. A build time estimate is provided along with the cost estimate. The build time estimate is specific and provides completion dates for key phases of the build.


What is the length of a standard Yabsta contract?

The minimum lease period is 3 years. Lower monthly fees are available for 5-year and 7-year term leases.


Do we share revenue with Yabsta?

No. As a licensee, you will be charged a set up fee and a monthly licensing fee.  The only revenue

sharing is via third party in-network revenue which is explained below.


What is third party in-network revenue?

Some advertisers find it beneficial to advertise outside their immediate jurisdiction and require cross platform advertising. A licensee can accept banners and advertising from another Yabsta licensee or from an advertiser outside of the Yabsta network. In each case, a portion of the advertising fee will be paid to Yabsta.

A. If a bank in California wanted to advertise on the Cayman Yabsta site, the Cayman licensee would split the placement fee 50/50 with Yabsta. 

B. If a bank in Cayman (a Yabsta licensee) wanted to advertise in Bahamas (a Yabsta licensee), the licensees and Yabsta would share the revenue each taking 33.3%.


I am concerned about liability issues that could stem from Yabsta’s self-provisioning features. How does Yabsta address this?

The Yabsta platform includes tools that allow licensees to vet and moderate self-provisioned content prior to publication. This can be done in house or can be outsourced to Yabsta Digital Agency (YabDA).


Can I tailor the Yabsta platform to my specifications?

Yes. The Yabsta platform is modular and flexible.


How resilient is the Yabsta platform?

Yabsta has total redundancy.





Self Provisioned Advertisers 

Where and when will my ads appear?

Your advertisements will appear in the “local search” section of the Yabsta site or sites you purchase space on. When a site user searches for your primary keywords (or synonyms of your keywords), your secondary keywords or your business name or former business names, your ad will appear.


What will my advert look like?

A proof of your advertisement is generated in the self-provisioning area of the site. You will see this proof and have the opportunity to make changes to it before you chose to publish it.


How much does it cost?

Yabsta offers a diverse range of advertising options with rates starting at less than a dollar a day. Your desired level of exposure, the amount of information you choose to display, the tools you want to access and the level of competition in your heading can all be determining factors in cost. Click here for a comprehensive rate sheet.


How do I choose a budget?

Your YABSTA budget should be part of your total advertising budget for a set period. Another significant consideration is the

continuing media migration to online. More and more people are turning to the Internet for up-to-the-minute information on goods and services and they are shopping online. You want to ensure that your business is well positioned to take advantage of this important shift.


How do I select keywords?

When creating your list of keywords, think like a customer or website user. What terms or phrases would customers use to describe your products or services? Be sure to list any keywords that you think users might search to find your business. Also list all desirable brand names of products you carry, i.e. Nike, Rolex, Toyota, etc. Secondary keywords include x, y and z. Our

secondary keyword suggestion toll can help you. Remember that keywords that are too broad can lower your performance by generating many ad impressions but few clicks-throughs. Make sure to be specific when entering keywords.


How do I write targeted ad text?

Use clear, concise and specific language. Highlight what sets your product or service apart from the competition. Include essential information including location, opening hours, acceptance of major credit cards, special offers, etc.  Keep in mind that you can update the text in your advertisements as often as you like so you can keep the copy fresh and relevant.


How do I know how my advertising program is doing?

You can log into your account at anytime and see up-to-date statistical reports. These include x, y and z. After a short time on the site Yabsta traffic should start to feature in your results.